The Process

Itinerary for Gastric Sleeve in Turkey

Your process of gastric sleeve in Turkey will be completely organised by Turkey Bariatrics. We will be by your side at every step from your landing to your return.

Itinerary for Gastric Sleeve in Turkey

Day 1


You will be picked up by our driver at Antalya airport and taken to the hospital.

Since Antalya is a tourism centre, the airport is very busy especially in summer months. In order not to wait for a long time for your baggage claim, we recommend that you travel with a hand luggage that you can take with you.


You will be received at the hospital by the Turkey Bariatrics team. After your hospitalisation procedures are completed, we will take you to the private room where you will stay.

After getting to your room, your medical information will be collected by a nurse, then blood sampling and ECG procedures will be performed. After the procedures are completed, you will sign the necessary consent forms for your surgery.

Afterwards, you can have your meal, take a shower and spend the rest of the day relaxing. Don’t worry about the Internet. You will always be online with our free Wi-Fi and unlimited internet service.

Day 2

Preoperative Preparation

At 09:00 in the morning, we’ll start the necessary doctor consultations for the operation. In this process, we will visit Radiology, Cardiology, Internal Medicine, Anaesthesia, Psychiatry and Nutrition departments. You will also have a preliminary consultation with the surgeon. After the consultations are completed, we will take you back to your room, where you will wait for the operation time.

When your operation time is set, you will be fitted with an operating gown and thrombosis stockings with the help of a member of staff. Then we’ll go down to the operating room together.


The operation is performed under general anaesthesia and takes approximately 1.5-2 hours.

Treatment and Mobilisation

After the operation, you will be taken to your room and you will receive medication (painkillers, morphine, antibiotics, etc.) for 6-8 hours. You will then get dressed with the help of a member of the staff and get out of bed and start walking.

Don’t forget. These will be the first steps of your new life.

Day 3

Leak Test

We will perform a leak test for safety purposes before starting fluid intake. After your leak test has been evaluated by the radiologist, you will start taking fluids. We will provide you with water, lactose-free milk, ayran and apple juice to drink during the day.

Ayran is a popular Turkish drink. It is made by mixing yoghurt, salt and water.


After the operation, the surgical drain placed in your stomach will be removed by the surgeon. In some cases, it may be necessary to remove the drain the next day, but it is usually removed on the first day after the operation.


The first day after the operation is very important for recovery and relief of flatulence. We want you to spend this day taking frequent walks.

Since the abdomen is inflated with a harmless gas during the operation, flatulence is common after the operation.

Day 4

Nutrition Education

We will tell you in detail how your diet should be during the liquid, puree and solid period after the operation and what you should pay attention to. We will also give you a booklet about this.

Vitamin and Protein Supplements

We will provide you with vitamins and protein supplements that you should use in the first month after the operation.

Medical Documents

We will provide you with your blood tests, radiology results, epicrisis report, fit to fly certificate, CDs with recordings of your surgery and endoscopy.


We will provide you with the medication prescribed by the surgeon (blood thinners, painkillers and gastric protectants).


You will leave the hospital at 13:00 noon and we will take you to the hotel where you will be accommodated. Our partner hotel is very close to the world famous Konyaalti beach and shopping centres. You can spend the day relaxing in your room or enjoy Antalya.

Day 5

You will be picked up from the hotel by our driver 3 hours before the departure time of your flight and you will be taken to the airport. Check-out time from the hotel is 12:00 noon. If your return flight is later, you can leave your luggage at the hotel and spend time outside or wait in the lobby.

As Turkey Bariatrics, we will also support you after your return trip. Your personal patient manager, Ozlem, will always be available to answer your questions.

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