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Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Turkey, Antalya

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Gastric Sleeve in Turkey at a Glance
Hospital Stay 3 Nights
Hotel Stay 1 Night
Minimum BMI 30+
Anaesthetic General
Surgery Time 1–2 hours
Exercise 3–4 Weeks
Back to Work 1–2 Weeks
Full Recovery 2–3 Weeks
All Inclusive Gastric Sleeve Package in Turkey
  • Hospital and hotel accommodation
  • Preoperative and postoperative tests
  • All-round VIP transfer
  • Multivitamin and protein supplements
  • Nutritional support
  • 1 year follow-up
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Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Turkey

Gastric sleeve surgery is one of the most popular and effective weight loss methods used in bariatric surgery. During the surgery, approximately 75-80% of the stomach is removed. A smaller stomach causes the patient to consume less food and feel full more quickly.

As the stomach shrinks, the hunger hormone (Ghrelin) is secreted at lower levels. This reduces the patient’s appetite. Insulin resistance starts to decrease.

At Turkey Bariatrics, we perform approximately 300 gastric sleeve surgeries per year. If you are considering a gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey, request a free and non-binding consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.

Candidates for Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Turkey

Gastric sleeve surgery is recommended for people who have previously tried to lose weight with diet and exercise but have not achieved long-term success and are ready to make permanent changes in their lives to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Another requirement for a gastric sleeve surgery is the Body Mass Index (BMI). For a gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey, you must have a BMI of 30 and above. You can calculate your BMI here.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you are not sure whether you are a good candidate for a gastric sleeve surgery. Our experienced patient manager will provide you with all the necessary information.

Benefits and Advantages of Gastric Sleeve Surgery

After gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey, the majority of patients lose approximately 60-70% of their excess weight at the end of the first year. Most patients can lose more weight due to lifestyle changes.

In addition to weight loss after a gastric sleeve surgery, improvements are seen in obesity-related health problems such as hypertension, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, sleep apnoea, joint pain and infertility.

A gastric sleeve surgery is less complicated and has fewer side effects than a gastric bypass surgery. As with gastric band and gastric balloon, there is no foreign object in the body.

Recovery and Nutrition After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Your surgery will take approximately 1.5-2 hours. You can start walking 6-8 hours after the operation. Try to walk as much as possible during your hospital stay.

A leak test is performed on the first day after the surgery. After the leak test, you can start fluid intake. The first 10 days are the liquid diet period. You can consume soup, milk, fruit juice and yoghurt during this period. We will provide you with detailed information about nutrition and lifestyle changes.

After a gastric sleeve surgery, most patients can return to work within 1 week.  After the first month you can go to the gym, but you should avoid abdominal exercises and weight lifting.

Risks and Complications of Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Gastric sleeve surgery is a safe bariatric surgery procedure, but as with any surgery, there are various risks and complications. Potential risks and complications of gastric sleeve surgery include the following:

  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Adverse reactions to anesthesia
  • Blood clots
  • Leak from the staple line

It can also have long-term side effects such as malnutrition, vitamin deficiency, heartburn, reflux and hair loss. These adverse effects can usually be prevented by changes in medication, nutrition and diet.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gastric Sleeve Surgery

How much weight can I lose after a gastric sleeve surgery?

You can lose approximately 60-70% of your excess weight within one year after a gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey. Depending on lifestyle changes, the amount of weight lost may vary from patient to patient.

Will I experience pain after gastric sleeve surgery?

You may experience pain and nausea after gastric sleeve surgery, but it can be easily controlled with medication. Since the stomach is inflated with a harmless gas during the operation, flatulence may occur after the surgery. Short walks will help you get rid of flatulence.

How much does a gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey cost?

The cost of a gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey may vary depending on the hospital where the procedure is performed, the location, the surgeon’s experience, the medical equipment used during the operation and individual needs. The prices usually vary between 3,000 euros and 4,500 euros.

Will my stomach grow again after a gastric sleeve surgery?

The stomach has the ability to expand or contract according to the amount of food in it. If the expected lifestyle and dietary changes are not followed after the surgery, the stomach may become slightly enlarged. But it will not return to its former size.

Can I get pregnant after a gastric sleeve surgery?

We expect you to reach your ideal weight 12 months after the gastric sleeve surgery. You can consider a pregnancy after you have reached your ideal weight and your weight has stabilised. Excessive weight loss, vitamin and mineral deficiency in the postoperative period may be unhealthy for both mother and baby.

How long do I need to stay for a gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey?

You should stay in Turkey for 5 days in total. After spending the first 3 nights in the hospital and the next 1 night in the hotel, you can return to your country.

Does hair loss occur after a gastric sleeve surgery?

Reduced food consumption and rapid weight loss after a gastric sleeve surgery may cause hair loss. This usually occurs between the 3rd and 6th months. This situation normalises after the weight loss has stabilised. In some cases, vitamin and protein supplements may be required. Especially zinc and iron deficiency are the main factors that cause hair loss.

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Gastric Sleeve Before and After Photo Turkey
Gastric Sleeve Before and After Photo Turkey