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Nutrition After a Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Medical Content Writer
Arzu Cetinkaya Medical Content Writer
Nutrition After a Gastric Sleeve Surgery

After a gastric sleeve surgery, your eating habits will change completely. Your new diet is very important, both to reduce the risk of post-operative complications and to learn a permanent and healthy way of eating. Your diet after a gastric sleeve surgery consists, in short, of 4 stages.

Days 1 to 3 are the clear liquids stage. This stage includes your hospital stay after a gastric sleeve surgery. After the conducted tests, a daily fluid intake of 2-3 glasses is started. This amount is sufficient as you will also receive intravenous fluids during this period. At this stage, start eating small meals with sips of clear liquids such as apple juice.

Days 3 to 10 are the liquid stage. The ingested liquids are still to be understood as being like apple juice. They should not contain any ingredients such as grains, spices, salt or sugar. This stage starts with the intake of liquids such as protein powders, lactose-free milk, buttermilk, meat and chicken broth. This stage lasts up to 1 week. The protein powders taken during this stage help to repair the tissues and prevent muscle breakdown. Therefore, their application is very important.

Days 10 to 20 are the puree stage. Eggs, cheese, various vegetable and fruit purees, thick and pureed soups, cooked and pureed meat in the form of minced meat are introduced at this stage. From the puree stage onwards, you should drink fluids, including water, 30 minutes before or after meals.

From day 20, the solid food stage begins. The solid food stage is a more relaxed stage that is very similar to the puree stage. The foods recommended during the puree stage should no longer be mixed, but should be eaten in very small pieces and chewed thoroughly.

In the solid food stage up to 3 months, nuts, raw vegetables and foods with a high carbohydrate content that are difficult to digest and take a long time in the stomach should be avoided.

It should be taken care to increase fluid consumption between meals by observing the distinction between solid and liquid food. Patients who have difficulty consuming water can flavour their water with different fruits or increase the daily amount of water by adding water to their drinks.

They should follow this gradual diet to achieve definite success after a gastric sleeve surgery. This way they reduce the risk of complications and lose weight in a healthy way.  In the long term, you will develop new habits that will help you lose weight permanently and maintain your weight.