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What is Gastric Botox?

Medical Content Writer
Arzu Cetinkaya Medical Content Writer
What is Gastric Botox?

Gastric Botox is a weight loss method that has become very popular in recent years. Gastric Botox is suitable for people between the ages of 16-65, those who are overweight, those who are not suitable for bariatric surgery or who have previously undergone a gastric sleeve or gastric bypass surgery and who cannot lose enough weight or those who have regained the weight they have lost.

Gastric Botox is applied by an endoscopic method. Botulinum toxin (Botox) is injected into the parts of the stomach where the hunger and satiety hormones are secreted. The aim is to reduce the feeling of hunger and increase the feeling of satiety in the person with the slower movements of the stomach. Through the effect mechanism of Gastric Botox, the food stays in the stomach longer, the passage to the small intestine slows down and the urge to eat decreases because the person feels satiated, in other words, the appetite decreases.

Gastric Botox is a highly effective weight loss method when injected into the appropriate areas of the stomach and in sufficient amounts. If the Gastric Botox procedure is performed effectively, a weight loss of 10-25 kg can be achieved depending on the age, gender, body mass index, physical activity status and diet of the person.

The Gastric Botox procedure is not a surgery, it is a comfortable method that is applied endoscopically to certain points of the stomach and takes about 15-20 minutes, where the person does not feel any pain, ache or nausea by being sedated without the need for general anaesthesia. After the Gastric Botox procedure, there is no need to be hospitalised. People can easily return to their daily activities after being kept under observation for a few hours.

If the Gastric Botox procedure is performed at the appropriate dose and at the appropriate points of the stomach, it is a reliable method with a very low risk of leaving permanent damage in the stomach. Botulinum toxin used in the Gastric Botox procedure is also frequently and safely applied in cosmetic areas. Botox applied to the stomach has no serious adverse effects if the patient does not have allergies or muscular diseases.